Officer Training Courses

Club Officer Courses

Club Presidents & VPs
This course will prepare the attendee for a successful term in leading your club during your Lion year.
It is also for vice presidents since the course covers all aspects of running a Club meeting if the president is absent and preparing you for your coming term as club President.

Club Secretary
Learn the responsibilities and importance of being a club Secretary. Some important tasks are keeping accurate minutes of club meetings, keeping club member information current on LCI’s database, dropping and adding members and inputting the next year’s officer information (referred to as a PU-101) before April 15th of each year. A very critical responsibility is that of Filing Monthly MMRs (Monthly Membership Reports) with LCI and Keeping LCI informed of your activities and Service Hours by submitting periodic Activity Reports (ARs). Please note: Agreeing to submit MMRs and timely ARs to LCI was a condition of your club being chartered. It is an important function and is a required responsibility of all Lions Clubs. Failure to submit these reports could result in the loss of your club’s charter.

Club Treasurer
Receive training on the banking world and updates on all IRS changes. Learn about the mandatory separate checking accounts for Administration and for Service Activities and how to use them correctly.  Also learn where LCI and District dues checks should be sent, requiring two signatures, and updates to District procedures and requirements.

Club Tail Twister
Learn cheerleader skills, developing good fellowship, creating member enthusiasm, and fostering Club harmony through fun activities and events.

Club LCIF Chairperson
Learn about the newest LCI directed club position intended to promote the Lions Club International Foundation at the club level.