About Lions University

Lions 2X1 University strives to provide Lions with strong knowledge of how to create and maintain a better Lions Club, Lion District and to provide all Lions with the tools to be effective leaders in their communities.

Lions have a long history of serving since 1917, including Helen Keller’s 1925 challenge to the Lions to be “Knights of the Blind”.

Lions 2X1 University is committed to assisting Lions, Leos, and Campus Clubs to reach their full potential. 2X1 University is recognized for preparing Lions for success and direct usefulness in life, promoting community- service, and exercising an influence on behalf of humanity and civilization.

Today, Lions 2X1 University is directed to find solutions to the challenges of your clubs and preparing you to become great leaders. You have the opportunity to study in small classes and become familiar with your job in Lions.

Lions 2X1 University emphasizes a balance between sports and academics, presenting all Lions with tools they need to be an effective leader in their Club and Community and to cheer everyone on to be a winner.

As with any institute of higher learning, Lions University strives to recruit the best and brightest students, instruct them in key skills, encourage fellowship, have fun and in the end, take their education back into their own part of the world. Students attend intensive classes taught by highly qualified Lions with experience and training in their individual areas. The Courses are broken down as follows:

Club Officer Courses

These are courses targets toward those students that will soon assume the role of President, Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer in their respective organizations. Each course is detailed and should be mandatory for any officer to assume his or her official position in their local Club.

General Studies Courses

These are courses that give insight on the various tasks and insights on common Club Operations. These include Membership, Strategic Management, Leadership,  Time Management, Writing, Communications, Event Management and others.