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As the World Leader in community service, Lions should be prepared and trained for that service. That’s the job of the District Global Leadership Team.

The 2020 Lions University is currently in the planning stages. Watch this site for further developments and details.

Brookhaven College – Miles Building

Brookhaven College Campus Map

Our Club Officer and general Lions training (Lions 2-X1 University) is held in early June of each year.

Download Registration Form

Early registration saves you $5 and helps us plan for the proper amount of food and materials.

Who should attend LU?

  • All of your 2019-20 club officers!
  • All New Lions
  • All club members wanting to learn more about our “Association” and prepare for a leadership position.
  • Anyone wishing to serve at a District Cabinet level position.
  • Registration Fee: $30 if registered before June 2, 2019. $35 if registered afterward.
  • Download the form, Fill it in and mail or, scan and email it to GLT Fred Conger – as indicated on the form.
  • Enclose your check made out to “District 2-X1
  • On June 8th – Sign-in & Breakfast 7:30 am to 8:55 am / Classes & Lunch 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
  • Includes Breakfast, Lunch, printed Manual containing all training material, the latest Lion information provided by our district’s best facilitators.

The goal of the District’s Global Leadership Team is to help you reach new heights of excellence and do it in the most effective way possible.  The opportunities for personal development and leadership development can make being a Lion very rewarding.

We Serve. But the success of your Club’s service depends on your ability to lead these volunteers to achieve the Club’s service goals. You are a leader in your Club, in your Community, in your District and a friend to people in need.

We value your time and appreciate your volunteer spirit. Lions 2-X1 University is committed to helping you become the best Lion Leader you can be. Your Lions University experience will give you the knowledge and information needed for your journey of service. Let’s start this journey toward stronger leadership.