Welcome to Lions University




Lions are the Leaders in community service. Such Leadership requires that we are prepared and trained in preparation of that service.



You became a Lion to give something back to your community through direct action. Lions Clubs International always needs good leaders at the Club level and beyond. We are thankful for your willingness to assume leadership responsibilities. All Lions who served as International President began as new members. It is the goal of the Global Leadership Team of Lions Clubs International to help you reach new heights of excellence and do it in the most effective way possible. You will also have fun. The camaraderie of united action and the fellowship of international cooperation can make Lions Club leadership one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life. The opportunities for personal development and leadership development can make it one of the most rewarding.

What the Lions do can be summed up in two words: We Serve. Even though the Lions Club is composed of volunteers dedicated to the service of those in need, the success of your Club depends on your ability to lead these volunteers to achieve the Club’s goals of service. You are a leader in your Club, in your Community, in your District and a friend to people in need.

We value your time and appreciate your volunteer spirit. Lions 2-X1 University is committed to helping you become the best Lion Leader you can be. Together with your mentor and materials, Lions University will give you the knowledge and information needed to begin your journey of service. Let’s start this journey toward stronger leadership.